Milestone: 10 Months

by Upenzi

It’s an interesting dynamic having a kid when you’re all over the place. I wasn’t this discombobulated with my first, but boy has Zion taken me on a journey. It’s not even the having a kid part that stresses me out, it’s everything else that I don’t want to have to think about right now. I just want to enjoy my son.

He’s growing so big, I mean really long. For a kid with two short parents, I have no idea where he managed to get these long legs from. He’s even wearing 12month clothes…and to be honest, they are JUST fitting.  Everyday he excites me just a little bit more. I often catch myself just staring at him while he plays until he finally feels my eyes beaming on him and he looks up to flash those two tiny teeth.  His laugh is all I need. Funny, because I also love to hear Kimoni chuckle. 17 years old and that kid still makes my day every single time. Quarantine life isn’t too shabby when you’ve got funny kids.

Happy 10 Month Birthday Nugget! 🥳

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