Happy Birthday Halle’

by Love Upenzi

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Today is my little sister’s 15th birthday. OMG saying that and looking at that number really makes me feel old as hell. I can’t believe she’s freakin’ 15!! Wow, times flies. I remember changing her stank doo doo diapers and I remember when she would tattle on me when I would do stuff I had no business doing. I would say what some of those things were but…well… “Hi Mom! I know she’s going to show you this.” Anyway, Halle’ you’re a big girl now. Hell almost a woman. I just hope you continue on the right path, stay in school, stay focused on going to college and leave the bs alone. This is the time where peer pressure will be at an all time high. This is the time when you’ve got to learn to do what Halle’ wants and needs to do and not what your lil nappy headed friends (you know they got some nappy hair) decide to do. Don’t let anybody make up your mind for you. Do you!! Don’t give into the teen pressures of that 3 letter word that I cannot even type cause I wanna scream when I think about it. But you should know what I’m talking about. None of that til you’re married…I MEAN IT!! You better not do you know what with God knows who or I’ma kick your you know what myself…ya got me? 😀


I’m very proud of you. I love my sister *aww ahtee* Have a beautiful and blessed birthday :hug:

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Sharonda February 3, 2008 - 5:26 pm

Awwww, happy birthday to your sis!LOL @ stank doo doo diapers.You a trip but you speaking the truth!

Teeza February 3, 2008 - 11:09 pm

lol my sister will be 14 in may. i caught her trying to sneak out the house (to go see her boyfriend) with a halter top & a thong this morning. oh my, how fast they grow. ;p happy birthday lil monika’s sis.

thirtydaes February 3, 2008 - 11:59 pm

Congrats to Halle and to you Monika for being an inspirational big sister!

Miracle February 7, 2008 - 1:45 am

I want a sister like you!!! You’re so sweet. That is so sweet to see someone say such great things about their little sister! I bet that just made her heart dance. I’d be over the clouds. Happy belated birthday, Halle. You gotta love that smile. She’s adorable!


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