Do You

by Upenzi

I hate to refer to anyone as a hater, specifically when speaking on myself.  I don’t think that I’m doing anything of major importance in my life that would make someone hate on me or hate me.  But there is nothing worse than sharing some exciting news with someone who is supposed to be on your team, only for them to give you a dry ass “oh congratulations”.  Like really? Just tell me that you don’t give a damn and I will completely stop sharing with you, I promise.  It has taken me sooooo long to not give a damn about what other people think or feel when it pertains to me.  And I can’t even lie and act like I’m not bothered by negativity…when I know about it. It’s that kind of lame reaction that causes me to shutdown and stay to myself more.  But here I am trying to be a better version of me.  Trying to excel an LIVE instead of just existing.  Trying to BE who Monica is wants to be instead of just thinking about all the changes I want to make and doing nothing about it.  Hmm.  Even as I write this, I can’t even be mad.  I just see what it is now and understand how to handle you moving forward.  You’ll notice it before I will.

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